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Your roadmap to confidently tracking your fertility and becoming the best expert on your cyclical body

Hey there,

I'm so happy you're here! Before we talk about the Fertility Tracking Academy, let's talk about what I know about you...
...Health and wellbeing are some of your core values in life, and you’re always ready to improve your wellbeing and feel your best. 
You’re in the right place, whether you

want to understand your cyclical body on a whole new level to prevent pregnancy naturally without relying on synthetic hormones

are trying to conceive, or planning to start trying, and want to confidently pinpoint your ovulation day without second guessing yourself, and ultimately, maximise your chances of conceiving

are done with feeling confused with your cycles and want to know exactly when you’re fertile, when you ovulate and when your period is due - even if your cycles are irregular

are ready to create a whole new loving and exciting relationship with your cycle and be the expert on your cyclical body and hormones

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Confidently use an effective fertility awareness based method without second guessing yourself - no matter whether your goal is to prevent pregnancy, conceive quicker, or optimise your cycles and hormone health

Feel excited about being able to detect, track, analyse and cross-check your fertile signs to confirm your fertile days and ovulation, pinpoint any hormonal imbalances and predict your period starting day - even if your cycles are irregular

Be the best expert on your cyclical body and have a whole new and exciting relationship with your cycle, hormones and period

Feel more confident in your body and be in charge of your hormones

It's all possible, and that's exactly why the Fertility Tracking Academy was created!

Fertility Tracking Program
Learn Fertility Tracking

I suffer from PCOS and irregular cycles, and for the last 10 years I had no idea when or if I ovulated. Since Pirita taught me to track my fertile signs and my BBT I know when exactly to expect my period. I am also learning the signs my body gives me around ovulation which is an important part of my pre-conception journey. This hormone-free birth control method is something every woman should learn and be taught in school!



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What's inside?

The Fertility Tracking Academy consists of 6 implementation modules. The first 3 modules are a prerequisite to move onto modules 4, 5 and 6. The last three modules are designed so, that whatever your fertility awareness goal is, you will walk away with a clear roadmap to reach it by focusing on your goal. Now, let's have a look!


6 carefully designed implementation modules that set you up for success when you’re learning and implementing the symptothermal method, whether you’re using it to maximise your chances of conceiving, to prevent pregnancy naturally, or to optimise your cycles

3-Step framework for implementing the symptothermal method and setting yourself up for success - no matter what your fertility awareness goal is and even if fertility awareness has sounded like rocket science until now

An answer to all your questions through Q&A and hot seat coaching calls. Whether your question is about analysing your charts, making sense of your cervical mucus or temperature charts, determining your fertility status, or customised lifestyle changes that you can make to support your hormones and fertility, your question won’t go unanswered

A clear roadmap to reach your fertility awareness goal and take charge of your cyclical body, hormones and fertility

You'll be given access to the modules once you enrol, and you'll have a lifetime access to this online program. That means, that even if right now you're preventing pregnancy, you can use this same program in the future when it's time to optimise your cycles or maximise your chances of conceiving. 



BONUS #01 - Fillable fertility tracking chart that makes it easy for you to keep track of your fertile signs in one place, analyse them and cross-check them to identify when you’re in your fertile window, when you ovulate and when you’re infertile.

BONUS #02 - 3 months of live support with Pirita inside a private member's only group on Facebook. This is where you get unstuck if you’re unsure about anything, you’ll get answers to all your questions, learn to analyse charts with real-life examples and set yourself up for real success. We have monthly Q&A calls + hot seat coaching whenever it's needed.

BONUS #03 - Module 7 - Optimising Your Fertility and Hormone Health. In this bonus module that beautifully complements everything else in the program, you'll learn to take care of your hormone balance in a holistic, sustainable and natural way, whether you want to feel more energetic and balanced in your everyday life, or your goal is to prepare your body for conception, pregnancy and beyond.

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Burning Q’s Your Fellow Fertility Trackers Have Asked Before Jumping In

1. I'm feeling overwhelmed about all the things I need to learn and implement inside this program. Are you sure it’s doable?

We hear you - learning something new always feels overwhelming in the beginning when it’s all still ahead of you. That’s why everything is broken down into bite-size pieces and into a step-by-step framework inside the Academy. You’ll first learn about the fertile signs so you understand the what and why behind fertility tracking. Then you’ll learn the how - so you know how to actually track these fertile signs. And then you’ll learn how to put it all together and use fertility awareness for the purpose you want to use it for. 
On top of the information being broken into bite-size pieces and progressing step-by-step, you also have access to Pirita and a community of other Trackers for all your questions. If you ever get stuck with anything, we're here for support!

Still Thinking About It?

I hear you! And I also really encourage you to make an intuitive, feel-good decision that your highest self will thank you for. 

You should give the Fertility Tracking Academy a shot if you’re motivated by any of the below

you love all things holistic health - and you want to be in charge of your fertility to prevent pregnancy naturally without relying on synthetic hormones

having a baby (or another one) is one of your biggest dreams, and you want to maximise your chances of conceiving

you know you're meant to be the best expert of your cyclical body, and you're ready to create a whole new and exciting relationship with your cycle and optimise your hormone health

And I personally cannot wait to guide you...

...During the next 3 months inside the Fertility Tracking Academy. 

I'm excited for you, because tracking my fertility has literally changed my life. 

It was the stepping stone that helped me overcome symptoms of hormone imbalances. It helped my wave goodbye to monthly debilitating migraines, painful periods and PMS hurricanes. 

It was what motivated me to start a heart-centered and life-changing business in the field of hormone health and menstrual cycles. 
It brought me and my partner, now husband, closer together when we started to use a fertility awareness based method for preventing pregnancy.  
And in August 2021, it helped us conceive our first baby without a struggle, because I knew exactly when was the best time to try in order to maximise our chances of conceiving. 
Should you choose to accept my invitation to join the Fertility Tracking Academy, I personally promise to do everything in my power to make the next 3 months life-changing for you, your fertility and your wellbeing. 
I look forward to meeting you and personally welcoming you inside the Academy.

Pirita xx


Fertility Tracking Academy Waitlist

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